FOOD II: What is it?

Well, this is how it started, as a course at the art academy Valand, school of fine arts.
This is ongoing…

” Welcome to FOOD II, a potluck, picnic food party, avantgarde, up in the sky underground, looking for a DIY future Restaurant course.

this summer, 2011, we will together work and create an art or artistic
restaurant of some sort. We will during the course decide how and what
this restaurant might be.

week (except for one) is connected to a sense. This sense will be the
theme for the picnic that we will hold every Friday during the course.

first week (7-10 June) is a week for you to work on your own sketching
and creating ideas and fantasies about what and how an art and food
restaurant could be.

course is based on guests that will come and have talks and workshops,
your own artistic works, discussions, picnics and surprises during the
weeks. Part of the course is also to grow some of the food that will be
used at the finishing restaurant. An important part will be how we
together decide how and what we want to fill the different Friday
picnics according to the sense theme and the guests input. The course
will finish with a one week long restaurant, a restaurant that we
together will plan and create during the course.

is not only an academic course, it is also a conceptual food and social
art work that have the intention to find new and important ways of
handling future situations concerning food. This is part of the search
for a cure against future despair.

1971 American artists Gordon Matta-Clark and Carol Gooden opened FOOD,
the legendary artist run restaurant in Soho. Providing artist-cooked
meals, a place for gathering, and even employment for artists, FOOD was
mecca for New York ‘ s vibrant experimental downtown art scene.
summer 2011, Valand summer academy hosts ”FOOD II”, a student- run
restaurant serving locally grown, student – prepared meals to the
Valand community and neighborhood (8-12 August).
preparation for the opening of the one week restaurant, ”FOOD II”,
students will research and experiment with the history of artist
collectives and communities, from Dada performance to Fluxus happenings
to today’s fusion of art, life, activism and resilient and
environmental thinking.
will also survey artist – run businesses , utopic societies , and
artists working with food and living materials in relation to locally
grown and sustainable practices. Students will research experimental
collective art practice and apply their research to innovating their own
temporary art collective. Students will learn and work collaboratively
across disciplines, with guest lectures on sustainable agriculture,
culinary arts, performance and design.”