Public libraries are bastions of knowledge, where everyone have free
access to various sources of information. At the library you can both
educate and entertain yourself.
Public libraries are one of few places where everyone has free access to
both the site and its content of knowledge, entertainment and social
meetings. You may even visit a library for other reasons than
educational or for entertainment. Here you can sit down and rest, enjoy
the warmth on a cool day or visit the rest room.

The public libraries are one of our society’s most important places, and
a place that does not require a financial transactions from the
You are welcome to the library without the visit being connected to your
personal finances or income. It is a place based on the idea of a joint
ownership, where we borrow and return, were we can read, meet, chat,
study or play a game of chess.

It is an institution and a profession worth protecting and defending.

This task of maintaining an alternative to an increasingly
commercialized society should not only be the librarians. It should also
be a task for every one else. We should all be involved in caring for
the community and fight for democracy and freedom.

Salute to the librarians!

Images from the festival Skankaloss, 12-13 July 2013