The WORKSHOP: Liebe auf den Ersten Blick

Kennst du das gefühl wenn du jemanden siehst und ihn ögendwie anfängst zu liebe, weil er so süß und nett ist aber du weisst nicht ob er dich liebt und du möchtest es wissen aber er sagt es dir nicht weil er deine gefühle nicht verletzen will.
Es tut dir im inneren weh. Du hast das gefühl das er dich nicht liebt und wenn du es erfährst dann weisst du nicht was du tuhen soll …

Take part in a workshop of looking, longing and dancing in the context of performing an archive in an educational context (?)…

What you will gain from the workshop:
A sensual understanding of what it is to perform by using performance methods, without getting stuck in talking about doing. It is important to use all senses, taste, smell, touch, hearing, seeing and looking, as well as improvisation, nonsense and imagination to animate what we learn. Performance is a way to gain practice-based knowledge, with a huge potential to strengthen the reason for why we are doing what we are doing. By using different aspects of performance it is possible to open up for a variety of existential reasons for different educational situations, such as to create happiness, feelings of fulfillment, passion and curiosity.

You might also have fun…


This workshop is both part of the University course: What are you doing? Contemporary art as an educational action.

And part of the program PERFORMING THE ARCHIVE: