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Pedagogy from an artistic perspective

merge and blur

To join and dissolved the boundary between pedagogy, teaching, life and art. Alone or in groups I attend peripheral artistic places to mix performance, art, education, and everyday life with various fictions and fantasies.

The world is a library moving at lightspeed

Inquiry Posted on 20 Nov, 2013 08:59

The world is a library moving at lightspeed.
The world is billions of creatures in constant flux.
Feel the massive flow of information, of senses and experiences, hands reaching, touching, wild zapping on the TV-machine, adventure mazes, cosmic colors and maximalism.
Different voices, all speaking at the same time.
The Internet is a library that has come to life, and is now trying to devour us with its craving to communicate what it knows. Every page lies on top of millions other pages that all glimmer through the thin layer of this page.
That static is what lies beneath now and the future, it is the face of the mad library.

Salute Librarians: Google voice

Inquiry Posted on 20 Nov, 2013 08:23

// Librarians: Google translate and voice.

Uniforms for teachers and librarians

Inquiry Posted on 20 Nov, 2013 08:19

Salute Librarians
Uniforms for teachers and librarians.


To teach is to perform!

Inquiry Posted on 18 Feb, 2013 08:37

On Blending Pedagody and Performative Art Practices

What does it mean to work as an artist in the field of education?
What kind of input and output can be anticipated or expected?
How can educators create, teach and develop artistic methods for use in a variety of educational situations?
How can we, as artists, make use of teaching and education as an artistic practice?

As an artist and educator, I aim to dissolve the borders between teaching, art and life. With a hidden agenda, I enter different educational situations to borrow the students, teachers, friends and others to participate in various artistic, educational and nontheatrical performances (to cite Kaprow). I mix teaching with art, performance, and everyday life with various fictions and fantasies. An important source of inspiration to my practice is the interdisciplinary field of performance studies. As an artistic method, I create playgrounds of different forms. Within these playgrounds, or frames, we can experiment and play out ideas that emerge from the blurring of art, life and pedagogy. The dissolution of disciplines is, to me, a logical consequence of how contemporary and institutionalized art, and art education, have developed and progressed. As educators, we are trained within a contemporary context, where participation and cooperation are common components. Education stemming from an artistic perspective creates a dynamism that allows the participants to approach the world from different and diverse perspectives.
I work with education from a performative and a dialogical perspective. Performative, in the manner in which the participants, including myself, integrate actions, experiences, and knowledge into the learning situation. This relational and blurred approach to teaching, an approach that incorporates art, method, and media, opens new ways of thinking and acting. Performance and performative methods feature strongly within art and education. In my practice, I aim to open a wide and sensual understanding of what it means to perform by practicing a variety of performance methods. All of the senses, taste, smell, touch, hearing, seeing and looking, as well as the use of improvisation, nonsense, and imagination are important in the animation of what we learn. Performative practice is a way for students to gain practice-based knowledge. By utilizing various aspects of performance, a variety of existential reasons which lie behind the pursuit of education, such as to create or locate happiness, feelings of fulfillment, passion, or curiosity, can be identified. It is important to look beyond the end result of creative practice. It is crucial to present other ways of thinking and living, especially at a time when we, as a society, are being forced, in our language and in our everyday lives, to adapt to economic terms and systems. Performance is a process-based method that refuses to see and treat fellow citizens as commodities.

Working with different performance and performative methods, means also to be involved in games, plays and rituals. Uncertainty and nonsense are a part of the process, and at times, the outcome. Part of my work, in facilitating performative exercises, is to be brave enough to deal with these uncertainties. Performance in the field of art and education must be about more than striving towards a good grade, coveted position, or call from a jet set curator, but about being involved in life itself.

Art and learning can animate and bring new ideas and possibilities into the world. Here we have a mission and opportunity to artistically design futures and create a society where happiness, participation, democracy and empathy are important objectives.

To teach is to perform!

FREDRIC GUNVE February 2013


Inquiry Posted on 28 Jan, 2013 08:29

Gå med i Bildlärarnätverket


The position

Inquiry Posted on 28 Jan, 2013 08:25

The position at the Teacher trainings program at HDK – School of Design and Crafts, Göteborgs University.

Performance – performance art – performativity – and other practical and theoretical approaches to DOING. A short introduction to how and why I mix and merge art and teaching.

Konstnär med dold agenda.


Inquiry Posted on 08 Oct, 2012 16:26


Under lång tid har
jag sammanfogat och upplöst gränsen mellan undervisning och konst.
Ensam eller i olika grupper ger jag mig ut i mindre
uppmärksammade och perifera konstnärliga platser för att blanda
performance, konst, undervisning och vardagen med olika fiktioner och
fantasier. Med en dold agenda lånar jag publiken, studenter, elever,
lärare, vänner och andra till att delta i olika iscensättningar
och i nontheatrical performance (för att citera Kaprow).

Interview with Richard Schechner

Inquiry Posted on 04 Oct, 2012 16:07

Collection Title: Interview series : What is performance studies?

Title: Interview with Richard Schechner

Alternate Title: Richard Schechner

Date: 2001 Nov. 27

Location: Filmed in New York, NY, on November 27, 2001.

Work Type: Interview.

Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, producer.

Richard Schechner, interviewee ; Diana Taylor, interviewer.

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